Gold Coast/Byron Bay 8-11th October

After a nice quick and easy flight up there the Gold Coast, I was greeted at the airport by someone who was a gap student at my prep school 12 years ago, Anita Bowman (or Miss. Bowman as she was back then)! I had randomly messaged her while I was still in Sydney as I thought it would be fun to see each other again and I didn’t have anything to loose. She replied and offered to let me stay with her so I gladly accepted. Back at her flat, she pulled out a seemingly ancient hard drive that had all the photos from her year working as a gap student in England of which many featured me, my brother, and friends from way back when. It was such a good evening reminiscing about everything and everyone. In the morning, she dropped me off at the beach and we took a selfie to accompany the one we took together back in the UK all those years ago.

… And now!

I then wandered around the coast and up the various heads (trying to not be blown away/retrieving hats that were being blown away in the process). There were some great views back over the aptly named Gold Coast.

Pristine white sand along the coast.
Views from Burleigh Head

In the afternoon I got the bus to Byron bay which is just down the coast. However, on the way I began to feel a little off. After I’d done my food shop for this part of the trip and cooked some supper, I was wiped out. I was only in Byron for 2 nights, one full day and on the one full day, I really didn’t have a huge amount of energy. I walked up to the light house and the most easterly point of mainland Australia, hoping to see some whales from the top. Alas I didn’t and I didn’t reach want to hang around up there as I could really feel myself becoming quite ill so I came back down and back to my hostel. On the way back, I walked along the beach which was fun as the sand “sings” (squeaks..)! Squeaky sand video on YouTube

Great views from those houses.
A great place and day to glide around the sky