I’ve left NYC and I’m on a train up to Rochester (where I did my study abroad) after such a good weekend! Apart from a bit of food shopping here or there, I hardly left the building. Regardless of that, I had a great time to start of this 4 month journey. I helped Josie and her room mates move apartments (finally!) from a shoebox apartment somehow housing 3 people (and me occasionally) to a still small flat (upper west side of Manhattan and all that) that fits three people so much better. They can finally fit a table in the living room to eat from and it has actual kitchen counters to cook at! It was quite a long way to move away… a grand total of about 5 meters across the hall. Then yesterday, we went and adopted a cat.

After much debate about names, they finally agreed on Figaro Pepe Bearden – Fig/Pepe for short. I don’t think I was much helping to them on this matter as I just wanted to call him Mancattan.

Choosing fig
He likes the bathtub

In other news, trying to live out of a backpack is hard. I couldn’t find anything I wanted particularly quickly and this eventually resulted in me having to entirely unpack and try to repack in such a way that I could hopefully find things in the future by knowing where to look… not going to lie, I doubt my capabilities. Not only that but having left some stuff with Josie, my bag seems to be fuller. I think I might be having issues in the near future because of that but, at least for now, I have friends who just about accept my stuff sprawling all over their living room for a few days!

The only photo Josie and I got together… all the others were of the cat!
The “Intrepid traveller” pose. Keep an eye out. They’re only going to get worse!