I enjoyed being back here way more than I thought I would. I was always looking forward to coming back to see people but during the times that people were in classes and I couldn’t catch up with them, I wandered around the campus and surrounding area, reminiscing with a nice feeling of nostalgia. I walked along the Genesee trail which was my old running route, remembering all the quirks about the place (like walking quickly under one of the bridges where someone was murdered in my first week…) but also enjoying the scenery and the search for groundhogs (I only saw three the entire time I was there!). I played quite a bit of squash with some of my old team mates and it felt like I had never left which was so nice. I hope I get to play them at squash again sometime soon! I had various lunches and suppers with various friends, including at excellent meal at a vegan restaurant called Red Fern with some of the squash people. I took the bus into college town, had a Chipotle and reminisced about the many many times I went there before. Then finally I popped into Barnes and noble book shop and bough myself some small Rochester memorabilia and an insulated water bottle (since I left mine in the Uk).

All in all a short and sweet trip but throughly enjoyable to just be wandering around the campus again. Strange to think when I left (not on the best of terms with the place), I didn’t think I’d ever go back and yet there I was. But now, I really don’t think I’ll ever be back as everyone I know will be graduating very soon and moving away. At least I’ve left on much better terms this time!

Rush Rees, the library
View from the quad
Squash buddies